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30 Jul

Hey Dude is now available on iTunes, along with a bunch of other beloved old Nickelodeon shows. But seriously… HEY DUDE!!! The Ted/Brad sexual tension is killing me just thinking about it.

That is basically the only clip available on the YouTubes (and what a clip it is!), so I guess you’re just going to have to pay for it. I myself have been watching the 30 second preview clips on iTunes all morning (ed. note: I make me sad.). I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to be driven mad. Thirty seconds is just not enough of anything, and they keep cutting off before the good stuff happens. For example, Mr. Ernst wakes everyone up early and he’s about to reveal the reason, a reason which will inevitably incite shenanigans amongst the staff members, but before he can say it… cut! That Steve Jobs really knows how to sell things /slash/ crush my dreams.


Oooo Meth: Side effects include cleaner home.

29 Jul

Oh Office of National Drug Control Policy, you’re so silly. Epic fail on making meth look bad enough. Apart from the itchy wounds (which I already have, natch – Eczema anyone?) and the hallucinations, meth looks pretty handy. The house could really use a clean-up! Via Videogum.

Western Spaghetti

24 Jul

PES’s animated shorts are always winsome, and his most recent work, Western Spaghetti, is no exception:

Watch more PES here.

The number one contraceptive in the year 1900: the parasol.

23 Jul

Genuine Victorian postcard, via Jezebel.

As Grandfather used to say, “De gustibus non est disputandum!”

22 Jul

The word on the internets today is that Devendra Banhart is, depending on who you ask, horrible, wonderful, or the luckiest dirtbag around (aka, the “Natalie Portman is Hot So Whatever” defense) and this is somehow the proof behind all of those things:

And I love it. I suppose there is no accounting for taste. Not my taste, though. That’s well and accounted for – I mean the taste of others.

Craft Attack!

22 Jul

Caffaknitted made this amazing doll version of Anne Boleyn, doomed second wife of Henry VIII:

 …and she has a detachable head!

Via Craftzine.

The Great Muppet Conspiracy

21 Jul

Videogum just posted on the mystery that is the recent resurgence in Muppet activity. Who is doing this, and why? And they don’t even appear to be selling anything! Puppetry being my favorite art form, I wasn’t going to ask any questions, I was just going to enjoy, but the Muppet Newsflash blog has answers. Sort of.

Last month, the Muppets (via Sam Eagle) released an exclusive Independence Day video onto the world-wide-web. The patriotic “viral” video has already gained thousands of hits on YouTube, MySpace and elsewhere. Since then, the Muppets (namely the Swedish ChefGonzo, and Beaker) have posted other original videos for web surfers to enjoy.

I guess we are to believe that the Muppets themselves did it. Case closed. Let’s go watch more Muppets.