the art of Andrew Brandou

6 Jul

BoingBoing recently posted the newest work of artist Andrew Brandou, aka Howdy Pardner. While the pieces that they highlight are worthwhile, I thought I’d post snippets of one of his older collections: “As A Man Thinketh, So He Is,” his children’s book-esque interpretation of the Peoples Temple and the Jonestown mass suicide.


(click to enlarge)

Fecal Face has an old interview with him, which details his past life as an animator. And as a person who gives his cats a detailed, eccentric history, which is always a plus plus plus:

ms. peeps magillicutty jones was actually a good friend of mine for years. as head of the peeps jones space administration, she was a contender for the nobel prize in 2002, and awarded several grants for interstellar/insterspecies research. peeps had a sophisticated health regimen which included her own brand of yoga and martial arts. peeps was on par with the infamous space monkeys which recently began inhabiting mars. her associate, ms. sneaky noodle jones, an ex-KGB agent, and currently acting head of the FCIA, or feline central intelligence agency, was also endowed with incredible physical strength and agility. peeps and sneaky have gone deep undercover in an attempt to foil an incredibly evil mastermind. for my own safety, even i don’t even know their current whereabouts. however, i have started working with a new scientist, and international super-spy, agent chloe bebe jones, most recently undercover as a couture model on the runways of milan. incredibly, she can spend days in an lab deep underground in the catacombs of los angeles, and be fresh as a daisy for her stylist at a moments notice.

I’m fairly sure he is no longer in contact with the cats, perhaps due to a repressed tragedy which we can only imagine. See more of his work here.


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