The light is your true friend.

7 Jul

I hate commercials, but not because they’re interrupting my precious television shows or something. No, I usually hate those, too. The reason that I hate commercials is that they have the potential to be amazing, and they fail. I like short things (that’s not what she said [note to self: not funny]): short films, short stories, shortcakes. They don’t mess around with mindless expositions and they tend to be wacky. Wacky is good. When a commercial is first-class, my hundredth viewing of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon is brightened for but 30 seconds, and that’s much more than no seconds, which is what it is like when commercials are bad. Like always. Don’t people go to school for this advertising thing? Is no one creative anymore? My point: if only all commercials could be as good as this one from Thailand (via BuzzFeed), I would still be alive right now. Because I wouldn’t have killed myself thanks to the fact that my life is so sad.


2 Responses to “The light is your true friend.”

  1. le dang July 7, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    fuck/hooray commercials!

  2. bruce September 29, 2008 at 4:11 pm #

    most commericals are crap, but i really like the one with the baby who does the on line trading…the one where he did real well and hired a clown with his earnings, ….”I really underestimated the the creepiness….” i love that, whose not slightly afriad of clowns?? maybe you need to plug into a link for funniest commericals 24/7 to brighten your life up. hours and hours of kate smacking jon will depress anyone. cheer up.

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