Bruce Conner, 1933-2008

9 Jul

Oh no! Experimental filmmaker Bruce Conner passed away on July 7 at the age of 74. Favoring found footage and quick cuts, his films would be an inspiration to film students and music video directors alike. His work includes A Movie (a visual metaphor for sex), Report (a critique on the media’s commercialization of the Kennedy assassination), and Breakaway, which features a pre-“Mickey” Toni Basil looking quite comely.

Report and A Movie aren’t readily available for online viewing. Mr. Conner must have some good people. Or bad people, I suppose, depending on your stance regarding the issue. But if you haven’t seen A Movie (I’m talking to you, everyone who didn’t go to film school), you can watch it here. If you have seen A Movie (everyone who did go to film school), you could watch it there, too. It’s good for repeat viewings. Maybe you’ve already had repeat viewings and you’re thinking, “I know you’ve gone to the other side, Mr. Conner, but I just don’t want to watch A Movie again. Sorry.” I’m not judging you either way.

Update: Both links to Mr. Conner’s films have since been deactivated, along with any other youtube clip bearing his name. Apparently, his people really don’t want his work available in the public forum. I’m conflicted as to where I stand on the “to youtube or not to youtube” question, re: serious artists, but let’s just say that the timing for the crackdown is uncanny…


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