The Great Muppet Conspiracy

21 Jul

Videogum just posted on the mystery that is the recent resurgence in Muppet activity. Who is doing this, and why? And they don’t even appear to be selling anything! Puppetry being my favorite art form, I wasn’t going to ask any questions, I was just going to enjoy, but the Muppet Newsflash blog has answers. Sort of.

Last month, the Muppets (via Sam Eagle) released an exclusive Independence Day video onto the world-wide-web. The patriotic “viral” video has already gained thousands of hits on YouTube, MySpace and elsewhere. Since then, the Muppets (namely the Swedish ChefGonzo, and Beaker) have posted other original videos for web surfers to enjoy.

I guess we are to believe that the Muppets themselves did it. Case closed. Let’s go watch more Muppets. 


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