30 Jul

Hey Dude is now available on iTunes, along with a bunch of other beloved old Nickelodeon shows. But seriously… HEY DUDE!!! The Ted/Brad sexual tension is killing me just thinking about it.

That is basically the only clip available on the YouTubes (and what a clip it is!), so I guess you’re just going to have to pay for it. I myself have been watching the 30 second preview clips on iTunes all morning (ed. note: I make me sad.). I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to be driven mad. Thirty seconds is just not enough of anything, and they keep cutting off before the good stuff happens. For example, Mr. Ernst wakes everyone up early and he’s about to reveal the reason, a reason which will inevitably incite shenanigans amongst the staff members, but before he can say it… cut! That Steve Jobs really knows how to sell things /slash/ crush my dreams.


One Response to “HEY DUDE!!!”

  1. Eli August 9, 2008 at 6:27 pm #

    Now all they have to do is dig out of the depths Clarissa Expl HOLY SHIT THERE IT IS!!! gotta run, i am busy for the next, um, three hours. Where the fuck is Pete and Pete!

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