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25 Aug

Lynea Lattanzio is living my dream:

Seriously, so many cats AND a Talking Heads soundtrack?! All the thousandaires (hundredaires?) reading my blog should probably go donate to Cat House on the Kings. And while you’re at it, will someone please tell me how she gets 700 cats to not murder each other? Because it’s like cat Gettysburg over here. Via Videogum.


Greedy, murderous children: the best.

20 Aug

This short animated film has the potential to ruin a part of your innocent, children’s book-lovin’ heart, or perhaps even your sunny concept of children altogether. Luckily for me, that part of my heart was ruined a long time ago and  I hate children, so I think this is the best.

Via Videogum.

Sports: I sure do love ’em.

11 Aug

So… the Olympics. I keep watching them because I’m sure something amazing is going to happen, but I’m from the perpetually unimpressed MTV generation, so it never does. Michael Phelps, a fellow MTV generationiere, just won another gold medal/broke another record for swimming, and even he doesn’t seem that excited. How am I supposed to care if you don’t care, Phelps?! He’s literally doing STRETCHES on the podium. Seriously, Phelps?

If you haven’t been watching the Olympics, here is all you’re missing:

X. That “DUNNN DUNNNN de dun Dun DUN dun DUN DUN de DUUN DUNN de DUNN de DU DUNN DUNT DUUNNNT” theme over and over and over again.

X. This scary Coca Cola ad…

X. Tiny underage Chinese gymnasts

X. Phelps’ relay cohort Cullen Jones. How cute is Cullen Jones?!

I can’t wait until this is over so I can go back to not feigning to care about sports for another couple of years. Yeesh.

Summertime = Fleetwood Mac time

11 Aug

I love Fleetwood Mac most of the time, but something about summer makes me love Fleetwood Mac all of the time.

“Gypsy” is the best. Stevie Nicks, how you get so good?

There’s no time! There’s never any time!

7 Aug

There is not enough time. I am so busy. This is how busy I am:

It’s ok, my mom is taking me to counseling or whatever. 

Blog drought ended.

Alternatively, this is what one of your YouTubin’ peers has to say:

“lol, i almost od on caffine pills, 13, then i was like freaking out and shit and going so fast, but nothing like hers ahah”

4 reeelzzz?? We’re all fucked.