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Coming to terms with the Hot Chip trauma of 2005-2006:

30 Sep

Once I worked as a retail slave, and every day my manager played Hot Chip. Every. Single. Day. For awhile it was enjoyable. Hot Chip is witty and dancey, fair enough. And for awhile, it was just Coming on Strong, every day, sure! But then it was just Coming on Strong, uh-oh, every single fucking day, no.

And then their second album, The Warning came out. However, instead of switching things up, my manager-cum-dungeon-master just played them both. Both albums. Every… single… horrifying… day. Hot Chip was dead to me and for so long, every time I heard it I was reminded of contemplating suicide just so my manager would have to clean up the mess.

But!!! then Made in the Dark was released, and it was soooo good, and suddenly Hot Chip is ok again.

The ever-elusive point to my rambling is that this video for “Over and Over” is anciently old according to pop cultural standards (over two years!), but that it’s ok for me to post it now because it’s great and also because I am the manager here and when you’re a manager you do whatever you want regardless of the opinions of others.


Craft Attack! Sort of. Actually, please don’t.

12 Sep

I will tell you that I don’t like any aspect of dead animals. They’re depressing, they smell, and they usually come along with some sort of moral issue (huntin’, meat eatin’, road killin’, medical testin’, etc.) that must be addressed… But then if you happen to stuff the aforementioned dead animal and turn it into something wonderful and maybe hilarious, I will tell you that dead animals are the best.

Case in point, Chuffy the mouse. Driving his time machine. Which happens to be a guinea pig. Wow. Big spenders with creepy houses can find it at Top Hat Taxidermy. Or why not try and make one yourself? (Don’t try and make one yourself.) Via BoingBoing.

Because you can never get enough of taxidermy (you can very easily get enough of taxidermy), here is the video for George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You.” And I know I’ve posted this in other blog incarnates, but nothing rivals it in terms of the best possible use of taxidermied rodents on film:

George Harrison is clearly the best Beatle.

So good, it only needs sentence fragments.

11 Sep

New Ben Folds video for “You Don’t Know Me.” Featuring Regina Spektor!
Directed by (and starring!) Tim and Eric (Awesome Show, Great Job!).
Yes please.

Via Videogum.

“Jack wasn’t even released yet!”

7 Sep

In the order of things I love, puppets and food are probably, like, numbers two and four, respectively. Imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space. A cake puppet? Who is best friends with a boy with an accelerated aging disease? Who has a transvestite father (favorite thing number 8)? Man alive! I think I’ve found the best thing ever!

You can watch all seven episodes here. And you probably should.

This music video is almost certainly better than the film Once. I’m guessing. Maybe.

4 Sep

I have an issue with something that, for the blogopolis’ sake, I’m going to deem Unintentional Over-Hyped Media Avoidance. When I hear too many recommendations for something, instead of rushing out and seeing/reading/listening to it, my interest levels crash and I instead avoid it like the Candy & Rainbows Plague. I may even make an attempt to be into it – see my enormous Netflix queue or all of my Limewire downloads with nary a listen for reference – but I just can’t do it. Inexplicable UOMA paralysis hits. 

Once is a recent UOMA victim, suffering silently next to the television in its Netflix package for literally months until my roommate finally returned it (she said it wasn’t good anyway – take that, hype machine!). I’m not sure how such a thing could happen, especially when a DVD is sitting literally feet from me, thus practically eliminating laziness as an excuse. Maybe it’s just my fear that said thing will never live up to the buzz and I’ll have to be disappointed in all mankind (cough Juno cough cough). Or maybe some days one just doesn’t feel like watching an Indie Irish Songie Love Story. Or some years, for that matter. This is just one of those years. Get off my back about Once, recommendations people! Yeesh.

Literally zillions of things fall into UOMA oblivion. The SopranosMad Men, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the new (new to me, ha ha!) Radiohead (oops)… Which brings me to my point.  I’ve been hearing good things about the band Wild Beasts for awhile now, but because of UOMA, I’ve been doing nothing about it. They’re in good company! At least I think so – I don’t really personally know. Anyway, The Denver Egotist posted the video for their song  “Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants,” and they have captured my attention. Great song, inventive video, etc. Stupid UOMA stopping me from enjoying things. Stupid things being good and people knowing about their goodness. Oh well, just watch this good thing. Or don’t, fellow UOMAer. I probably wouldn’t either.

Here is something I can’t actually show you… but it’s a good something! You’re just going to have to take my word for it.

3 Sep


I recently watched a wonderful short film by Toby MacDonald called Je t’aime John Wayne on the Cinema 16: European Short Films DVD (incidentally, Rabbit was on there too – it’s a great collection). The black and white short is an homage to French New Wave (which caters precisely to my predictable taste) featuring an English chap trying to act like Belmondo in Breathless, which is doubly funny since Belmondo was a Frenchman trying to act like an American. I would love to share it with you, but it’s unfortunately nowhere to be found on the internets. All I can offer you is the Cinema 16  trailer to give you a taste:

Martin McDonagh of In Bruges fame has a priceless short in the collection, too, as does Jan Svankmajer. Netflix it, quick! It says it’s a very long wait, but I believe it will be worth it.

It’s Japanese-y.

3 Sep

Here’s Nancy Nova’s “Made in Japan,” a charmingly inappropriate gem from 1982, via Dinosaurs and Robots

The chorus, to wit:

Nissan! Datsun! Japanese-y!
Panasonic! Mitsubishi!
Take your business nice and easy!
Ah, so it goes!
Akai! Sanyo! Teac! Sony!
Yamaha, ha! Nice head phone-y!
Nikon for your one and only!
Get one of those!
Kawasaki, ride it solo!
Sukiyaki! Nice kimono!
Honda bike-y! Yoko Ono!
Everyone knows…
Buy one of those…
How well it goes…
Lucky you chose…
Something with that name MADE IN JAPAN!

Oh 1980s, you silly time, you. Piston Honda says “Sushi! Kamikaze!” to that.