It’s Japanese-y.

3 Sep

Here’s Nancy Nova’s “Made in Japan,” a charmingly inappropriate gem from 1982, via Dinosaurs and Robots

The chorus, to wit:

Nissan! Datsun! Japanese-y!
Panasonic! Mitsubishi!
Take your business nice and easy!
Ah, so it goes!
Akai! Sanyo! Teac! Sony!
Yamaha, ha! Nice head phone-y!
Nikon for your one and only!
Get one of those!
Kawasaki, ride it solo!
Sukiyaki! Nice kimono!
Honda bike-y! Yoko Ono!
Everyone knows…
Buy one of those…
How well it goes…
Lucky you chose…
Something with that name MADE IN JAPAN!

Oh 1980s, you silly time, you. Piston Honda says “Sushi! Kamikaze!” to that.


One Response to “It’s Japanese-y.”

  1. Eli September 4, 2008 at 12:56 am #

    reminds me of a t-shirt i have.

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