Coming to terms with the Hot Chip trauma of 2005-2006:

30 Sep

Once I worked as a retail slave, and every day my manager played Hot Chip. Every. Single. Day. For awhile it was enjoyable. Hot Chip is witty and dancey, fair enough. And for awhile, it was just Coming on Strong, every day, sure! But then it was just Coming on Strong, uh-oh, every single fucking day, no.

And then their second album, The Warning came out. However, instead of switching things up, my manager-cum-dungeon-master just played them both. Both albums. Every… single… horrifying… day. Hot Chip was dead to me and for so long, every time I heard it I was reminded of contemplating suicide just so my manager would have to clean up the mess.

But!!! then Made in the Dark was released, and it was soooo good, and suddenly Hot Chip is ok again.

The ever-elusive point to my rambling is that this video for “Over and Over” is anciently old according to pop cultural standards (over two years!), but that it’s ok for me to post it now because it’s great and also because I am the manager here and when you’re a manager you do whatever you want regardless of the opinions of others.


One Response to “Coming to terms with the Hot Chip trauma of 2005-2006:”

  1. Eli October 2, 2008 at 10:09 am #

    Hot chip is great, but not as good as LCD Soundsystem or the Knife, or Ladytron. Thats just me… BUT did you hear the wonderful new Ratatat album, it is somewhat great. OH and the new Amon Tobin is so good. Actually, I love it. A lot. I miss you, you and your crummy taste in music.

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