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It can always get worse.

24 Oct

I love you, Eric Wareheim.

16 Oct

I’m becoming a little obsessed with Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  Here is his latest music video for MGMT’s “The Youth.” Be forewarned: there will be thrusting!

For more Wareheim awesomeness, also see exhibit B, Flying Lotus’ “Parisian Goldfish.” There will be thrusting AND flashing lights:

This is a plea for Eric Wareheim to employ me. Please?

Kids these days.

14 Oct

Whilst idly searching the YouTubes for the “They’re all going to laugh at you!” scene from Carrie (because I had just referenced it in the baby laugh-a-lot post, ahem), I discovered that the only results for the query “carrie they’re all going to laugh at you” are fan videos for the Jonas Brothers. Never mind that this makes no sense, because these videos have stories attached, wherein said fans are dating the Jonas Brothers. And jeepers, if these stories aren’t some of the most disturbingly hilarious things I’ve ever read… This one, from user “jobrosarehott21“, deals with teenage pregnancy and bulimia. If you’ve got three minutes to read something ridiculous, use those minutes now.

They run as fast as they can to the park. Nichole ends up tripping over a rock and she falls on the grass. Nick stops running and starts laughing but helps her up. Her face is all red because she’s embarrassed. Nick wraps her in a hug until they stop laughing. They walk towards the swings holding hands walking with caution. When they get to the swings Nick sits down and Nichole sits on his lap in the “spider” position. They start swinging and kissing. They’re in a complete make-out session and no longer swinging. Nick pulls away a few minutes later to ask Nichole a question.

Nick: I want to be able to do this everyday.
Nichole: Me too. I wish you could stay. Nick: I actually had a better idea. Nichole: Oh yeah. What’s that?
Nick: I was thinking you could come on tour with us!
Nichole: Oh my gosh! That’s a great idea! I’ll have to ask my parents but I’m sure they’ll say it’s fine.
Nick: Awesome! *kisses her on the lips and they again start to make-out*

(With Kevin and Kirsten)

Kirsten: On tour? Really?
Kevin: Yeah. That way we would for sure be together when the baby comes.
Kirsten: That’s a really good idea. I don’t know where else I would have gone. Yes! I’ll come with you.
Kevin: Yes! This is going to be so perfect. Ready to go?
Kirsten: Yeah. I don’t want to have to carry all of this back though. Can we go get the tour bus or something?
Kevin: How about we pick it up tomorrow before we leave? I want to take you out for dinner.
Kirsten: Ok! Oh my gosh! I totally forgot. Kevin: What?
Kirsten: My birthday’s in a week! We’re going to be together on my 18th birthday! Kevin: Awesome! I have the perfect night planned.
Kirsten: I can’t wait. *wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a kiss*
Ben: I thought I told you to leave.
Kevin: Sorry. We’re leaving.
Ben: Good. *stands in the doorway*
Kirsten: *grabs Kevin’s hand and walks out the door*
Kevin: Is he always like that?
Kirsten: Not that mean. Oh well. I don’t have to deal with him anymore.

They walk back to Tara’s house to let everyone know what’s been going on. When they get there everyone is sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Kirsten: Mind if we watch with you guys? Nichole: No! Sit down!
Tara: Someone’s in a good mood.
Nick: I think I know why. *smiles*
Kevin: What movie are you watching anyway? Joe: Talladega Nights!
Kirsten: I love that movie!

Kevin sits down on the couch and since there’s no more room Kirsten sits on his lap. They cuddle together like that cute little couple that they are. After the movie’s done Kevin whispers sometihng in Kirsten’s ear.

Kevin: Do you want to tell everyone about the tour and the baby now?
Kirsten: Yeah sure. Hey guys!
Joe: What’s up?
Kirsten: We have two very important things to tell you. Number 1…I’m going on tour with the Jonas Brothers!
Nichole: Seriously!?
Allison and Nichole: Me too!
Kirsten: Really!? This is going to be so much fun!
Tara: *sarcastically* Yeah. So much fun. Nick: You can come too Tara. If you want that is.
Tara: That would be awesome! I’ll be right back I need a drink.
Allison: That girl has been drinking all day!
Kirsten: Ready for number 2?
Tara: Wait! I need to see their reactions! *runs into the room with a bottle of water* Ok. Go!
Kirsten: Well…Kevin and I are going to have a baby!
Joe: *mouth drops open* Wow…That’s some news.
Nick: Congratulations guys! *gives Kevin and Kirsten a hug*
Joe: Yeah…congratulations. *sad look on his face*
Allison: Aww. Don’t worry baby. That’ll be us someday.
Joe: You’re right. *fakes a smile*
Kevin: We’re going out to dinner. We’ll see you guys later. *walks out of the room with Kirsten by his side*
Tara: Mmm. Food sounds really good right now!
Nichole: We just ate like 20 minutes ago. Tara: Sorry I’m hungry again!
Allison: She’s really been eating and drinking a lot lately.
Nichole: She sleeps really late too. Even when she goes to be early.
Joe: She’s gotten a lot skinnier too. She must be sick or something.
Nichole: I think she might be…bullimic.

To be continued…

Wow. I think Joe is still in love with Kirsten or something. Perfect comment from a young YouTuber:


Always expect the unexpected.

14 Oct

This is some sort of advertisement, but that fact is unimportant. Unimportant to me, that is, not to those who hoped it would make them money. Whoops, people who thought this would make you money! I am way too apathetic to go to the site mentioned at the end ( The important thing is that it features flies and a guy in a suit, and someone would probably call it “surreal.” Let’s not be too hasty with the throwing of adjectives like “surreal” about, especially when we really mean “weird” or “unconventional,” ok? It’s surrealish at best, but you know what I mean. It’s also fairly good… so watch it.

Via Neatorama.

Oh, watch out for them! They’re gonna beat you up with that pipe wrench.

8 Oct

Who knew that a-ha’s “Take on Me” video could be improved upon?

These guys knew. Thank God for these guys.