The Loneliest Roadtrip, Day 4

12 Mar

Day 4: Washington

Seattle: pho, $15 parking spot by Pike Place Market (which was of course closed), one lonely photograph…

…and a visit to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop! I unfortunately felt a little too shy to take any pictures inside the curio palace, but I highly recommend anyone interested in sideshow oddities and unusual artifacts take a gander with the Googles or make a point to swing on by next time you’re in the area. They’ve got mummies, shrunken heads, a walrus penis bone, and some great examples of creature flimflammery (think jackalope, but with extra weird). I’ve always been interested in cryptozoology (including specimens both potentially legitimate and legitimately cobbled together via taxidermy), and recent research has gotten me hooked on a rare creature: the Fiji Mermaid. Half-man (er, baby chimpanzee), half-fish, wholly terrifying! And the Curiosity Shop has three. Get ye there!


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