The Loneliest Roadtrip, Day 7

15 Mar

Day 7: California

A member of our merry band had a nightmare that the trees became druids who were watching us sleep, which seemed like the most apropos, relevant tale anyone has ever presented after making the claim that they had just had the “strangest dream.” We made some bad coffee, then continued south toward San Francisco. Detour is my middle name, so we stopped at Legend of Bigfoot, an amazing Bigfoot-themed gift shop/chainsaw carving mecca. Have I mentioned how much I love Bigfoot? I love Bigfoot very, very much. Purchases of Bigfoot souvenirs, ice, and an ocarina were made, and I basked in the sweet smell of sawdust.

A bit further down the road, we found us a swimming hole and picnicked on a felled redwood tree. Jumping off of this rock was a lot scarier than it looks here, but I eventually made the leap after much cajoling and peer pressure. Meanwhile, a child made the leap over and over again like a little addict, as though he was trapped in a rock-jumping causal loop. Look out, there’s a tear in the space/time continuum! Science. You may think watching him behave like that, so carefree and uninhibited by fear, would make me feel like a wimp, but I assure you that it did not, as everyone knows that children are stupid.


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