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The Semi-Annual Wareheim Report

30 Jun

I have no idea how I missed Eric Wareheim’s video for HEALTH’s “We Are Water” when it came out months ago. I’d like to think that everyone missed it too, but sources tell me I’m just “behind the times” and “not cool.”  In any case, I’m quite excited about it and so to my blog it goes. Things herein get gory, which means it’s NSFW and especially NSFMom. Go watch something else, Mom(s).

The syncing of music and action has rarely looked so good, and I’m all for throwing horror movie clichés on their ear. The concept of putting a feminist spin on the ol’ vicious killer chase scene actually seems stupidly original to me, but that’s probably only because I haven’t watched a horror movie since I was 15 on account of the fact that after that, shit got TOO REAL.