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Craft Attack! Sort of. Actually, please don’t.

12 Sep

I will tell you that I don’t like any aspect of dead animals. They’re depressing, they smell, and they usually come along with some sort of moral issue (huntin’, meat eatin’, road killin’, medical testin’, etc.) that must be addressed… But then if you happen to stuff the aforementioned dead animal and turn it into something wonderful and maybe hilarious, I will tell you that dead animals are the best.

Case in point, Chuffy the mouse. Driving his time machine. Which happens to be a guinea pig. Wow. Big spenders with creepy houses can find it at Top Hat Taxidermy. Or why not try and make one yourself? (Don’t try and make one yourself.) Via BoingBoing.

Because you can never get enough of taxidermy (you can very easily get enough of taxidermy), here is the video for George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You.” And I know I’ve posted this in other blog incarnates, but nothing rivals it in terms of the best possible use of taxidermied rodents on film:

George Harrison is clearly the best Beatle.


Craft Attack!

22 Jul

Caffaknitted made this amazing doll version of Anne Boleyn, doomed second wife of Henry VIII:

 …and she has a detachable head!

Via Craftzine.

Craft Attack!

6 Jul

A crocheted maneki neko! If you have more talent/motivation/time than I do, the pattern is available from the Mountain Weaver Fiber Art Studio (via craftzine).