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Let’s not grow up, let’s just go home.

5 May

The video we made for Akron/Family has been released at long last! Huzzah!

A few words on the making of this video:

Months ago, Akron/Family asked my boyfriend, Logan Corcoran, to make a music video for their song “Light Emerges.” They knew he was an experimental filmmaker, and they wanted something colorful, something in the vein of Stan Brakhage. He asked me to collaborate (just like they say, it’s not what but who you know), and we were ecstatic to have the opportunity to work on something that would potentially reach more than our usual fewer than 50-person audience. While we just adore Stan, who created the filmmaking program at our Alma Mater CU Boulder and is justly revered as a god there, we knew we could never replicate his work, nor would we have the time to – a lot of his painted films took ages to produce. We tried for the next best thing, echoing some of the master’s experiments with light by gathering our closest friends, many of them filmmakers and artists themselves, and running around in a park in January with a Super 8 camera. We are terribly proud of how it turned out, and I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thank you to Joseph Yonker, Christine Souder, Robert DeRoeck, Courtney Fellion, Katherine Peterson, Brian Bell, Patrick Maxwell, and Crystal Stanelle. You are the best cast and crew a girl could ask for!


Today is like…

13 Apr

Let it be said that I am terrible at handling anything like an adult, be it paying bills, making phone calls, getting my car repaired, going to the doctor… I think I learned this from movies? Like, the coolest kids don’t give a flip and so that’s what I absorbed as a proper way of life? Blame the media, like Columbine?

Don’t get me wrong, somewhere in my odd brain I realize that THIS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE WAY OF LIVING, no doyoyoy, and it always comes back around to get you. Been done gotten. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY is that I did it again. Again again. Again again again. I’m just a big drunken, chain smoking child. And the worst part? Outward appearance-wise, that still seems like the best way to go.

Share My Sunshine

13 Feb

One, two, three.

I have all the time in the world.

8 Feb

I’d always wondered what would happen if I worked less at my punch-the-timeclock job. Would my art flourish? Would I spend my free hours editing film and posting new finds on Etsy? Would I find that I didn’t need that job anymore and be truly happy and successful doing what I’ve always wanted to do?

Six months after making the transition to part-time and I have the answer: Nope. I mean, sort of, but mostly nope.

Illustration via Fuchsia Macaree, but how one found time to make something so lovely when they’re so familiar with the Triangle is anyone’s guess.

A reminder:

7 Feb

We have learned a very important lesson of late here at Casa del Typo: The internet is out there, and people are looking at it.

That is to say, don’t go posting potentially secret pictures of yourself at the Daft Punk studio on Flickr or historical photographs of naked ladies on your tumblr, because someone will find them, and it’ll probably be the wrong someone.

Luckily for me, my family, friends, and bosses already know of the majority of my oddball proclivities, so there’s not much to be wary of, but still! You can never be too careful! I’ve come up with some new guidelines for myself, just in case you’re the wrong someone:

– Cuss just enough, in just the right places

– Limit oneself to drinking no more than one bottle of cheap sparkling wine when cameras are present

– Tell the internet only almost everything

Be careful out there, folks!

Photo via Flickr.

Basement Volcano

12 Jan


I’m still here.

10 Oct

Was quiet for awhile. Will try harder to be loud next, next time.