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12 Feb

The last week went a little like this:

Fall in love with Parks and Rec. Watch so much Parks and Rec. Become upset that there isn’t any more Parks and Rec to watch. Use the internet to look into everyone involved ’til you find this picture and realize you’ve won the internet, success! Feel better, even though it hasn’t changed the fact that you still have no more Parks and Rec to watch until Thursday.

Photo of Aziz via Aziz, of course.


The Salad Days

7 Jul

It used to be that all you could find on Netflix Watch Instantly were second-rate romantic comedies starring Katherine Heigl (and the Katherines Heigl of yesteryear), the low-budget porn-ish dredges of whatever National Lampoon is spewing out these days (although The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell does intrigue me…), or 30 Rock. I love you 30 Rock! We need to find a better list for 30 Rock to be on. Anyway, Watch Instantly is getting so much better! I no longer need to spend all night trying to find something I can justify wasting two hours watching, and the most recent finds have proven to be surprisingly inspiring. Monty Python: Almost the Truth, a documentary that originally aired on IFC featuring interviews from the surviving members plus a whole heap of comedians who love them.

Delving deeper into the world of Monty Python has been so interesting to me not because I’m unfamiliar with their work, but perhaps because I’m too familiar. The crew has always been a part of my life. In fact, the story goes that when I was keeping my parents awake at odd hours of the night as a baby, they would sit up with me and watch re-runs of the Flying Circus on PBS. And because it has always just “been there,” I’ve really taken advantage of how odd and incendiary it is. Furthermore, their work aligns so well with my father’s sense of humor (smart, nonsensical, meandering) that I still find myself trying to put together exactly what everyone else finds so odd about it. Doesn’t everyone’s father reenact the Ministry of Silly Walks scene at the mall?

Whoops! My dad is the coolest.

In any case, the documentary has made one previously discounted thing more obvious to me: the stunning, ridiculous, spot-on animations of Terry Gilliam. Mr. Gilliam is surely the most under-appreciated of the bunch, with very few people realizing his contribution to be equal to that of the other Pythons. This isn’t an unfair conclusion; after all, he was the only American, he rarely had screen time, and when he did, he was usually there just to look goofy and promote a laugh or two. However, the documentary really highlights his work and demonstrates how necessary his contributions were. He provided the perfect end to an endless skit, segued into others, and found the foot that would become forever associated with the troupe. The documentary also mentions that he was paid so little that he had to do all the animations without an assistant, which for a weekly television program is frankly insane. And as an animation fiend, I’m sort of ashamed that I’ve ignored his work for so long, as he truly is on point with the likes of Max Ernst, Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Svankmajer, and the Brothers Quay… fart noises totally withstanding.

And lastly but not leastly, do yourself a favor and watch this. It makes me happy whenever I’m blue…

Photo via Vanity Fair.

Sports: I sure do love ’em.

11 Aug

So… the Olympics. I keep watching them because I’m sure something amazing is going to happen, but I’m from the perpetually unimpressed MTV generation, so it never does. Michael Phelps, a fellow MTV generationiere, just won another gold medal/broke another record for swimming, and even he doesn’t seem that excited. How am I supposed to care if you don’t care, Phelps?! He’s literally doing STRETCHES on the podium. Seriously, Phelps?

If you haven’t been watching the Olympics, here is all you’re missing:

X. That “DUNNN DUNNNN de dun Dun DUN dun DUN DUN de DUUN DUNN de DUNN de DU DUNN DUNT DUUNNNT” theme over and over and over again.

X. This scary Coca Cola ad…

X. Tiny underage Chinese gymnasts

X. Phelps’ relay cohort Cullen Jones. How cute is Cullen Jones?!

I can’t wait until this is over so I can go back to not feigning to care about sports for another couple of years. Yeesh.

There’s no time! There’s never any time!

7 Aug

There is not enough time. I am so busy. This is how busy I am:

It’s ok, my mom is taking me to counseling or whatever. 

Blog drought ended.

Alternatively, this is what one of your YouTubin’ peers has to say:

“lol, i almost od on caffine pills, 13, then i was like freaking out and shit and going so fast, but nothing like hers ahah”

4 reeelzzz?? We’re all fucked.


30 Jul

Hey Dude is now available on iTunes, along with a bunch of other beloved old Nickelodeon shows. But seriously… HEY DUDE!!! The Ted/Brad sexual tension is killing me just thinking about it.

That is basically the only clip available on the YouTubes (and what a clip it is!), so I guess you’re just going to have to pay for it. I myself have been watching the 30 second preview clips on iTunes all morning (ed. note: I make me sad.). I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to be driven mad. Thirty seconds is just not enough of anything, and they keep cutting off before the good stuff happens. For example, Mr. Ernst wakes everyone up early and he’s about to reveal the reason, a reason which will inevitably incite shenanigans amongst the staff members, but before he can say it… cut! That Steve Jobs really knows how to sell things /slash/ crush my dreams.

Oooo Meth: Side effects include cleaner home.

29 Jul

Oh Office of National Drug Control Policy, you’re so silly. Epic fail on making meth look bad enough. Apart from the itchy wounds (which I already have, natch – Eczema anyone?) and the hallucinations, meth looks pretty handy. The house could really use a clean-up! Via Videogum.

Feist on Sesame Street!

14 Jul

So, some executive of children’s television was watching Feist’s iPod commercial for the 100,000th time, and they said to themselves, “Why doesn’t Feist come count for children? Children need to learn to count, and this Canadian songstress can provide that!” And then this happened:

And now everyone can count… but only to four. You win some, you lose some. Well, at least Feist is still adorable.