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Par Giorgio:

2 Mar

Via Have You Seen This?!


Here is something I can’t actually show you… but it’s a good something! You’re just going to have to take my word for it.

3 Sep


I recently watched a wonderful short film by Toby MacDonald called Je t’aime John Wayne on the Cinema 16: European Short Films DVD (incidentally, Rabbit was on there too – it’s a great collection). The black and white short is an homage to French New Wave (which caters precisely to my predictable taste) featuring an English chap trying to act like Belmondo in Breathless, which is doubly funny since Belmondo was a Frenchman trying to act like an American. I would love to share it with you, but it’s unfortunately nowhere to be found on the internets. All I can offer you is the Cinema 16  trailer to give you a taste:

Martin McDonagh of In Bruges fame has a priceless short in the collection, too, as does Jan Svankmajer. Netflix it, quick! It says it’s a very long wait, but I believe it will be worth it.