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A reminder:

7 Feb

We have learned a very important lesson of late here at Casa del Typo: The internet is out there, and people are looking at it.

That is to say, don’t go posting potentially secret pictures of yourself at the Daft Punk studio on Flickr or historical photographs of naked ladies on your tumblr, because someone will find them, and it’ll probably be the wrong someone.

Luckily for me, my family, friends, and bosses already know of the majority of my oddball proclivities, so there’s not much to be wary of, but still! You can never be too careful! I’ve come up with some new guidelines for myself, just in case you’re the wrong someone:

– Cuss just enough, in just the right places

– Limit oneself to drinking no more than one bottle of cheap sparkling wine when cameras are present

– Tell the internet only almost everything

Be careful out there, folks!

Photo via Flickr.